Who We Are

We build Tiny Houses.  Our Tiny House Building Company provides services in all areas of the Tiny House business.  We specialize in creating, liveable, compact spaces, in fully-functioning, transportable dwellings.  You will know it is small, while it does not feel small.

We have a variety of self-sufficient, mobile, Tiny House Models that you can choose from.  These models and their floor-plans are fully customizable to any specifications that you may have.  You give us your requirements, and we will create a design that will fit all your needs.

Our customers’ needs and requirements are of the utmost importance to us, and we will try our very best to meet all these requirements.  We offer, and guarantee, the best in construction and high-end design, but at an affordable cost.

We believe that Tiny House living can be just as comfortable as residing in a traditional home.  The difference will only be in the facts that your Tiny House can be moved, you can change the interior without too much fuss, your cleaning will be much less, with time to spare for more important things.

Give us a call at Tel. No. 413-242-0632 for more information or if you need guidance in making the best decisions when you choose your Tiny House.