Cure Back Pain Just By Sleeping Right

Back pain is one of the most common health problems for many of us. When we experience this discomfort, it will be harder to get a good night’s rest, which, of course, is important if you want energy to face the next day.

If you are one of those who are struggling to lessen or better yet, cure their pain, then this article is for you! Today, we will be discussing some of the simplest ways to solve your problem through simple modifications.

Before we discuss the useful tips we have collected for you, it is first important to know the different causes of back pain:

  • Strain in your muscles or ligaments may cause back pain. If you are always straining, the tendency is for your back to get all the pressure. When this happens, you will experience muscle spasms that may be painful.
  • Uncomfortable and wrong type of mattress. This is one of the primary causes of back pain. Luckily, there are many varieties to choose from nowadays, depending on what you need. The usual types of mattresses include innerspring or coils, latex, memory foam and the newer one, which is hybrid. Each one has their own pros and cons.
  • Osteoarthritis of the lower back can be painful. The discomfort comes from the narrowing of the space that surrounds your spinal cord.
  • Ruptured disks may also be the cause of your sleepless nights. This condition mainly affects the cushions that are found between the bones of your spine.
  • Bone problems such as osteoporosis and scoliosis are also usual culprits. Just like osteoarthritis and ruptured disks, both conditions should be consulted to a doctor.

Now that we know the causes, it is now time to list down some useful tips to help lessen your back pain:

  1. As much as possible, you should avoid sleeping positions that are known to add pressure on your back, neck and hips. According to experts, you should avoid sleeping on your stomach. This position is not good for the curve of your spine, as it can strain the muscles on your back. In addition to this, your neck is also rotated, which may also cause you to experience additional neck pain.
  2. If you really cannot stop sleeping on your stomach, then the best thing to do is to just put a pillow near your pelvis, or on the lower part of the abdomen. This can help relieve the strain on your back. For instance, cabinet beds can help you a lot.
  3. For those who love to sleep on their back, you should put a pillow under your knees. This may feel weird at first, but you will surely get used to it. The pillow allows the whole of your body to follow the natural curve of your spine.
  4. If you sleep on your side, it is best to have a full body pillow while your legs are positioned towards your chest. Basically, you will just put the pillow in between your knees.
  5. Still on pillows, if you are a back sleeper, the recommended for you is the thin type. You may also benefit from pillows that feature extra padding in the bottom. This will ensure that your neck is well-supported.
  6. If you sleep on your stomach, you may also benefit from using thin pillows. Although, you can also go for body pillows if you want.
  7. If you sleep on the side, a firm pillow is what you need. Just put them in between your knees to align your spine well and lessen back pressure.
  8. Just like what we have mentioned earlier, the right mattress is important if you want to lessen and relieve back pain. This is something that is usually overlooked. Many studies suggest that the best type of mattress for optimal sleep is the medium firm memory foam mattress. There are other options, of course, but this is one of the top choices. In order to know what best suits you, you should do your own research and ask around for additional insights and reviews.
  9. If your back pain is really bothering you, then you may want to look into orthopedic mattresses. This may cost a little more, but it is truly worth it, if reviews are to be considered. If you do not have a big budget, you can also just modify the mattress you have by adding in mattress toppers.
  10. You should understand the most important factor to consider here is alignment. It does not matter what your choice of position is, as long as your shoulders and hips are properly aligned. The gaps between you and your mattress can strain your spine. To remedy this, you can use pillows to fill them.

These are just some of the most important things that you need to know if you want to cure your back pain. If all of these fail, then it may be best to consult a doctor already just to be sure that your condition will be treated. Always remember that good quality of sleep plays a huge role in your health and wellness.

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