Can A Tiny House Handle All Weather Conditions; Extreme Heat, Freezing Cold, Heavy Rain And Hurricane Winds?

The basics of preparing a home for extreme weather conditions are mostly the same for tiny and big houses.  For extreme cold, you need insulation that preserves heat and prevent cold wind flow.  In extreme heat and humidity, you will need insulation that will keep your home fresh and dry.

There are many types of insulation which are mostly quite cheap and easy to install.  You should just take into consideration what type would be most beneficial for the area your Tiny House resides in.

How you can prepare your Tiny Home for Severe Weather Conditions:

Heavy Snowstorms:  Build your home with an external ladder to the roof.  This you can use to clear snow off the roof.  Stock up on fuel (wood, propane), and extra food.  You should actually always have an emergency bag with the essentials packed and ready.

Heavy Rain and Flooding:  Keep your house on blocks, but keep the wheels on for a backup.  You can decide to just leave before the flood reaches your stand.

Strong Winds or Hurricanes:  You can include all the necessary safety measures that are normally done, including proper shelter in case of a tornado.  There are all sorts of cable and strap down systems that can be employed to anchor your Tiny House.  If you can leave with your house till the storm pass, that can work, too.

Earthquakes:  This should not be too big a problem, depending on the strength of the earthquake.  A Tiny House does not have a foundation and is not tied to the ground as in traditional housing.  The house should be able to withstand the shaking.  The lower the house is, the less chance of it may be falling over.

Follow the guidelines for other mobile homes:  These have been around longer than Tine Houses and it would make sense to find out what works for them under extreme weather conditions.

Find out and follow the guidelines that are provided in each state and country for their own specific type of weather conditions. All local authorities will have recommendations and requirements for their specific area.

Some people think that a storm shelter and insurance is a must-have for all Tiny House dwellers.  That is not a new or unknown sentiment.  Most people in traditional large houses take out insurance on their homes and depending on where you live, you probably do have a storm shelter, too.

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